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GEDORE: Tools for Life

M. Tillawi Sons Co. is the sole representative in Jordan of the strongest and long lasting hand tools,
GEDORE Tools, from Germany since 1954 :


" GEDORE quality tools »Made in Germany«"

GEDORE is a tool-making company founded in 1919 as Gedore Werkzeugfabrik Otto Dowidat KG by the three Dowidat brothers: Otto, Karl and Willi, who started the manufacture of hand tools for industry from their hometown of Remscheid in Germany.

The company name "GE-DO-RE" is an acronym of "GEbrüder DOwidat REmscheid".

GEDORE Tools are always known for their high quality, durability and reliability.

This is the GEDORE Tool Group…

> GEDORE is one of the largest manufacturers of tools in the whole world

> The main places of manufacture in Germany are: Remscheid, Solingen, Waldkirchen, Foerderstedt Donaueschingen

> GEDORE has a wide product range with high quality products of about 18000 articles

Product groups include:

Workshop equipment Mobile Tools Storage Tool Sets Tool Modules Spanners Ratchets/Sockets Impact Tools Bending Tools
Torque Tools Screwdrivers Bit Range Pliers Pullers Hammers/ Striking Tools Insulated Safety Tools Installation Tools

For more information on products, please click "Online Catalogue" to browse GEDORE Catalogues:

Online Catalogue

For more information, please visit the official website for GEDORE : www.gedore.de

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